Wednesday, April 20, 2005

An impressive little Iranian girl!

Have a look at this little Iranian girl who participated recently in a competition for the memorization of the Quran that took place in Beirut, Lebanon (note that most of the examiners are Sunni, not Shii sheikhs). And to think that there are millions of well-meaning muslims who believe that the Shia have their own version of the Quran! (Never mind the extremists who kill the Shia on a daily basis in Iraq and elsewhere on the grounds that they are "kuffar", i.e. disbelievers.)


Mahdi said...

Very Impressive indeed...especially when she could tell the Sheikhs about the existence of the AYA in more than one location and also the association between subjects and AYA...may Allah preserve this precious little treasure!

Jallal said...

A couple of months ago, I watched a TV program which was similar to this story. But the girl had glasses. I wonder if she is the same, though, because she could do the same things. Dazzling!