Monday, June 27, 2005

The conversion

Religious conversion, either from one faith to another or between different branches of the same faith, sometimes ivolves a spiritual journey that is both fulfilling and rewarding. On the personal level however, conversion has usually a dramatic and unpleasant aspect to it, as it leads to a total upheavel of one's social network of friends, the convert seeking often to distance himself from his/her original religious community. In that respect, it can be said that conversions always take a good deal of courage and conviction, even in countries which guarantee the freedom of worship. If, in addition, there is an extra psychological barrier associated with being in a state of war, then it must take an additional measure of determination to cross the line of patriotism and convert to the religion of the enemy, as did this Israeli settler who, after arguing for months with a Palestinian neighbor, finally decided that Islam was to be his deliberate choice and path. Have a look: it's quite an extraordinary story!

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mehidou said...

une tres belle histoire de courage et une fabuleuse victoire du debat sur toutes les autres formes de confrontations.
Mais comment aurais-je pu reagir si l'inverse qui s'etait passe :le musulman qui se serait convertit au judaisme?
certainement plus negativement. Pourquoi? je ne le sais pas excatement.
peut etre vos reaction m'aideront a le faire.