Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Organs of slain Palestinian boy donated to Israeli patients
By The Associated Press

The parents of a Palestinian boy shot to death by Israeli soldiers has donated his organs to three Israeli children waiting for transplants.

Ismail Khatib said the decision to donate his son Ahmed's organs was rooted in his memories of his brother, who died at age 24 while waiting for a liver transplant, and in his family's desire to help others regardless of their nationality.

"I don't mind seeing the organs in the body of an Israeli or a Palestinian," Khatib said. "In our religion, God allows us to give organs to another person and it doesn't matter who the person is."

Ahmed, 12, was shot by Israeli soldiers Thursday while they were conducting a raid in the West Bank town of Jenin. The soldiers said the boy was carrying a toy rifle and they mistook him for a militant.


Karim says: I find it truely amazing that these parents have accepted to donate the organs of their son, who has been murdered by Israeli soldiers, to Israeli patients. Now, that's one very humane and magnanimous act of generosity. I am totally impressed.

If I might ask: suppose that you were in the same situation as one of these parents (God forbid), would you have acted in such a magnanimous way ? I personally am having a very hard time answering this question...


Blue VelVeT said...

J'ai lu cette news sur le site de la BBC. Ils avaient donne plus de details sur ca. Le pere disait qu'ainsi,il sentirait son fils "dans chaque israelien"qu'il sauverait. Il y aurait sa lumiere a lui,son don de soi a lui,en eux.
C'est vrai que c'est difficile a assimilier comme idee,mais bon...

Foulla said...

it's very brave!

queenie said...

i asked myself the same question after i read it...there is a part of me that would say "yes", but only because these Israelis were children just like mine (hypothetically)..but its a tough call because you know that this child whose life you just saved will end up serving his term in the IDF when he/she turns 18 and may cause even more oppression and killings of the Palestinian people.
I truely hope for the sake of the Palestinian family, that these Israeli children grow up to be honorable and humane people.