Friday, December 30, 2005

Man of the year

As 2005 is getting to a close, newspapers and magazines all over the world are drawing lists of the most influential personalities of the year. The most famous of such a list is the one made by the editors of Time magazine, who this year picked Bill and Melinda Gates and rock star Bono for their charity work. If you were to choose, who would you pick as man of the year 2005 ? Let us have some thoughtful fun together and let us know who you would choose. Don't be shy: no answer is wrong ;-)

We will be posting our own pick here sometime on January 1, 2006.

Happy new year everybody !

And the winner is ...

He has endured the horrors of war.

Then, he had to cope with the vicissitudes of everyday life in a devastated country, where food is scarce, and where the most basic services, that we all take for granted, are lacking.

He braves death and suicide bombers everyday.

And yet, on election day, he has flocked to the polling stations in large numbers and high spirits to express his longing for a better future through democratic means.

Ladies and gentlemen: our man of the year is the iraqi citizen.

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queenie said...

Thnx for stopping by Karim!
Honestly, I couldn't have chosen a better "Man of the Year". The Iraqis make us proud to be Arab.