Sunday, April 02, 2006

Dreamer, by Brian Moses

by Brian Moses

I dreamt I was an ocean
and no one polluted me.

I dreamt I was a whale
and no hunters chased after me.

I dreamt I was the air
and nothing blackened me.

I dreamt I was a stream
and nobody poisened me.

I dreamt I was an elephant
and nobody stole my ivory.

I dreamt I was a rainforest
and no one cut down my trees.

I dreamt I painted a smile
on the face of the earth
for all to see.


BV said...

It reminded me of an old song that accompanied a clip on Disney Channel :p (when it was broadcasted on TVM on sunday afternoon in the 80's)..
sorry pour l'egarement

Karim said...


I see that the child in you is still alive. That's good ! :-)

In fact, you are quite right: Dreamer is a poem for kids. I like it because it reminds me of a certain innocence that we somehow tend to lose in the process of growing up.

BV said...

The truth of the matter is: the child in me is too alive! lol a lot of my friends can tell u that..
is it really a poem for kids? doesn't sound like it.en tous cas,i like to think that you never lose your innocence,you just hide it to look tough for the jungle we live in :p

lili said...

I dreamed I was a muslim
and nobody judged me
hihiiiiiiiiiii :)
Je m'égare encore plus :) mais disons que c'est un rêve pour moi!

Jallal said...

hahahha, Lilli.

Bien vu! Un dream d'actualité, c'est le moins que je puisse dire!